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We provide a full range of services for the organization of comfortable work and the development of your musical project

We will help you skyrocket your music project! :)

Our founders


Ivan Hlebov

Co-Founder, music marketing specialist, YouTube specialist and producer

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Ksenia Ziniuk

Co-Founder, artist, author of music and songs, concert organizer, vocal teacher


Experienced professionals

Orange Music Production unites seasoned specialists with a track record of success, providing a guiding hand through the intricate journey toward popularity


Expertise and experience

Music pulses through our veins, and we put our expertise to the test on our own projects before extending it to you. We've provided countless consultations to artists, guiding them toward their goals.


Individual approach

We're not just another assembly line. Our focus is on ensuring your project achieves the best possible outcome. That's why we handpick specialists tailored to each client's needs


Support Ukraine!

We're proudly based in Kyiv and deeply passionate about our country. As part of our commitment, we consistently allocate a portion of our project income to the 'Return Alive' fund, supporting the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other local charitable organizations. Committed to our country, we diligently pay taxes and operate officially, contributing to our army's defense efforts and moving closer to victory and peace!

Why should you work with us?

Unlock the full potential of your music project with our cutting-edge 'Triple-E' method: Experience, Expertise, and Exceptional Solutions. At Orange Music Production, we specialize in tackling complex challenges with a tailored approach, providing 'Triple-C' advantages: Comfortable Formats, Competitive Prices, and Clear Processes

Our mission

Dedicated to fortifying the Ukrainian music landscape by nurturing both emerging and established artists, fostering their creative evolution 🍊

Image by Kenny Eliason

Birth to Orange Music Production

A Journey from Sibling Rivalry to Music Entrepreneurship: The Story of Orange Music Production

In the midst of challenging times amid a full-scale war, Orange Music Production emerged not just as a company, but as a powerhouse in the world of show business, overcoming adversities that touched the lives of everyone involved.

From the humble beginnings of our first service priced at UAH 50 ($2) to reaching an explosive 500,000 streams on Spotify by the end of the first year, our journey has been marked by remarkable milestones. Over this period, we've crafted over a hundred successful advertising campaigns on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok for Ukrainian and World artists. We've facilitated the creation of almost 50 complete songs from start to finish, distributed numerous releases across all major music platforms, efectively pitching them into the editorail playlists pn Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music and assisted in the promotion and positioning of countless artists.

At Orange Music Production, we're more than a company; we're a family within a family. This bond enables us to extend professional services to our partners, reflecting our core values of familial warmth and delivering a bespoke approach in every client interaction.

Founded by a brother and sister duo, our aim is to cultivate the Ukrainian music market, particularly at a time when the voices of Ukrainian artists deserve more amplification than ever before. We strongly believe in providing a pathway for Ukrainian artists to reach their audience, vital for the growth of Ukrainian musical culture.

We firmly believe in the potential of Ukrainian artists to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their Western counterparts. Our mission extends beyond music, contributing to Ukraine's recognition, not only for its IT prowess but also for its musical talent.

We are thrilled to play our role in this extraordinary journey 🍊

Image by Kate Oseen
Every new client represents a chance to showcase success in the music realm. That's why we put our utmost effort into ensuring your project triumphs.

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